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Party City in St. Cloud is the Halloween store for you, offering everything from Halloween costumes and animated props to Halloween candy and more. Party City is open on Saturday, October 31, from 5 pm to midnight and on Sunday, October 1, from 10 am to midnight.

It's easy to save money and find treasures in a great location, looking for gently used glasses, vintage clothing and other items for sale. They offer a vegetable shed and occasional sales, but they also offer some good deals on furniture, jewelry, clothing and a variety of other items selected by the two owners.

In case you don't, the store staff are always ready to help you plan the perfect party. You will find many ways to celebrate, and fortunately Greater St. Cloud has several ways to do so. There is nothing wrong with saving a little dough when shopping.

Whether you're going back to school or Christmas shopping, or just enjoying the day looking for a new outfit, visit St. Cloud SCHEELS to find casual shoes from brands like KEEN and SOREL, a pair of supportive work shoes, or even a pair of new shoes for your day at work. If you have any questions about the current clothing or shoe selection, you can talk to one of the experts from St. Cloud SchEEL. StCloud SCHeELS also offers great deals on clothing, accessories, shoes and other items.

Visit Cork & Cask to discover unique repainting and improvements to your furniture, and also take a look at some decorative and gift items.

Here are just a few to keep in mind when buying gifts, of course, but check out our list of the area's biggest personalities and plan to meet them all that day.

Many stores offer a limited range of party goods, but in Party City in St. Cloud they specialize in party supplies. Although they also make Halloween merchandise, many of the products they sell are exclusive to Party City. These products cannot be bought anywhere else, and they are quality - tested for quality and safety before they ever hit the shelves.

When it's time to change the wheel bearings, you'll get a wide selection of parts to keep rolling. ERIK offers many repairs and adjustments to get you out of the way quickly, and they offer road tests so you can have the full experience with an electric bike. Every bike sold has a warranty for the entire bike, from the frame to the wheels, tires, brakes, suspension, pedals and more.

From October to March Erik's also offers waxed skis and snowboards and you can visit their shop for a quick repair or makeover. If you are looking for a new pair of jeans or pants for men, they are also available in a variety of styles.

If you need a unique and special gift for the impending arrival of a friend, then you have a cover in this place. Look for signs with perfectly convertible slogans and shop at Accentric European retail to find the best baby products for your friend, family member or even yourself. This store in St. Cloud offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

Located in downtown St. Cloud, this truly unique boutique has something for everyone. This upscale, locally owned and operated boutique offers unique fashion and decoration with a wide selection of clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

St. Cloud's SCHEELS offers sportswear and casual wear, including a selection for men, women and children. The choice meets the needs of everyone, so if you need a new pair of jeans or pants for work, the choice is yours. We also offer a wide range of accessories for men and women as well as accessories for children and pets. Our experts will help you find the right fit and style that suits your personality.

Skateboarding has no age limits, so whether you're riding your longboard at home or on the ice, you can ride with big brands and employees to help you choose. From experienced park skiers to recreational skiers, we have the equipment and knowledge to make you fit for winter.

Each ERIK site has competent staff to help you choose the right bike for you and to adjust the staff at each site to the size of your nearest bike so you can find the right one for a road bike.

Comey's comments about the St. Cloud investigation were prompted by a 2015 House Homeland Security Department report that identified Minnesota as the most important source of ISIL recruits. There is no central video marketing, said Lt. Richard Schmitt, a spokesman for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, but individual stores have cameras, he said. He said the potential for terrorist attacks in the Twin Cities and other parts of Minnesota also points to that potential.

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